KOAT Opinion: Open Source Editors and Taking Control

On a bit of a tangent, I’ve been wondering about Lightworks and editing workflow.  I should note that I’m not an editor anymore, so take what I say with a big grain of salt.  But the open sourcing of Lightworks and the consumerization of FCP X has got me to wondering: at what point do you need to trade editing programs?

There are all different types of cameras, but a good cameraperson can pick up a new one and make it work.  What I’m trying to say is the fundamentals of light, exposure, focus and framing don’t change, just the camera.

I hear that Lightworks with its hardware based editing controller is one of the fastest editing programs out there.  Scorsese and Thelma never left it, and they used it to edit Hugo (it has support for 3D).  Editing, like shooting, doesn’t fundamentally change: you are placing clips in a certain order.  That’s admittedly a gross over simplification, and I don’t want to offend Editors, but fundamentally, that’s what editing is.  So as long as a editing program has those basics covered, and keeps up to date with codec support (which Lightworks has for the most part), what more do you need in an editing program?  Does Lightwork’s open source initiative not make sense?  Shouldn’t you have control over the program you use, rather than have your whole work life disrupted when Apple decides they’re not supporting Pros anymore?  Just a thought…..