Jonny Elwyn: The Basics of On-Screen Typography

The basics of on-screen typography | Jonny Elwyn – Film Editor.

Ever notice how tutorials are so much nicer to watch if someone has a lovely accent 🙂  Here, Angie Taylor of Video2brain has some great tips for basic on-screen typography.  Many of us may be great shooters, which then translated into becoming a great editor, and before you knew it, you were being asked to integrate Character Generation into your edits.  Just because you were a great shooter, doesn’t necessarily mean you know squat about Typography.  Here’s a start.

I’ve tried to apply her last tip to the Headline of This Blog 🙂

Reminds me of my days of doing Chyron at a TV station, where Cindy-Bo-Bindy taught me that you should always have more space under a line than above it.  Thanks Cindy!