HD Warrior: Metabones Adapter for Canon EF to Sony E Mount With Full Electronic Control


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If you’re just coming out of a SOPA blackout, probably the biggest news in our circle of interest is an inexpensive new lens adaptor out of Canada.  A collaboration between Metabones and Vancouver based Conurus has led to a Canon EF to Sony E mount adaptor.  Huh?  Translation: Canon L series glass, with stabilization and aperture control, on your Sony FS100 (probably).  For 400 bucks.  Below is a FAQ I lifted from Conurus’s site:

Does Canon Lens Image Stabilizer (IS) work?

Yes, IS is supported. A Sigma DC 18-125/3.5-5.6 HSM OS lens in Canon EF mount is tested and it works. The Canon IS lens is powered by the Sony camera body and no external power source is required.

Is this adapter compatible with FS100, VG20, NEX-7, NEX-5N or NEX-C3?

We use NEX-VG10, NEX-5 and NEX-3 for development and we will test this adapter on as many NEX models as we can get our hands on. We are unable to test on every camera model, however. Please report to us any compatibility problems you find with your camera, and we will look into it immediately.

Does this adaptor support Contax N lenses which have been modified to Canon EF mount by you?  I intend to buy a NAM 1 to use my Contax 645 lenses on a NEX body. How is your development heading in this direction?

NAM-1 adapters modified by us to Canon mount can be stacked on top of our Canon EF lens to Sony NEX mount adapter. By stacking these 2 adapters together you may use a Contax 645 lens on a Sony NEX.

Will the adapter allow focusing at full aperture, only stopping down when you take the picture, just like on an EOS body?  I’m looking forward to hearing more about the adapter – this is the reason I’m considering a Sony NEX.. 🙂

The adapter has a wide open (WO) button. In normal operation, the lens is stopped down and you are seeing the actual taking aperture on the LCD screen. While the WO button is depressed, the lens is set to wide open for ease of manual focusing.

At this moment, the operation of the button is the exact reverse of the DoF preview button on a DSLR camera body. The functionality of the WO button may change in future versions of our adapter firmware, based on end-user feedback and our further research on this topic.

In our opinion, this functionality is best implemented on the camera body by Sony. Since that has not happened yet, we are doing the best we can to implement this functionality in our adapter, within the constraint that both still photographers’ and videographers’/cinematographers’ interests are taken into account.

Is an external power source required?

No. The Canon lens is powered by the camera body and no external power source is required.