Luminous-Landscape: 4K Future

4K Future.

LL makes the argument that since 3D hasn’t taken off in the home, the TV manufacturers have to find the next thing to market, and that is going to be 4K.

I somewhat agree, it’s inevitable, but I think it will be a slow adoption as it’s harder to sell.  There is no established broadcast or movie to-the-home system.  Also, with the average 50″ TV in a home, and the average viewing distances, I don’t think people will see much difference when those systems do come into being.  With 3D you can see an immediate difference.  With 4K on a 50″ TV at 10 feet away, I doubt most people will notice the increased resolution, and more importantly be willing to pay extra for that resolution.  Having said that, pretty soon the base size of home TV’s is going to start heading into the 70 & 80 inch range, so that will help.