mindcastle: Canon C300 Review


Hello 2012! & the C300 – blog – mindcastle.

A very thorough review of the the C300, including video.

I like his thinking.  He states that this is the current state-of-the-art camera, but its competitors have been out for a while now and will soon be leap frogging it.  Like computers you have to buy what does the job for you right now, and leave the future until Tomorrow.  Part of that decision about whether to buy or wait is of course the price and whether you’ll be able to pay it off in the increasingly shorter span before the “next big thing” comes along.  In short?  If it comes in under $16,000 he’ll buy one.

The other thing he notes which I totally agree with is that better low light performance is a silver bullet.  It just opens up so many more options for you.  The other thing it does is, and I’ve said this before, is “add lightness”.  Colin Chapman of Lotus Racing used to make his cars as light as possible.  A light car needs smaller tires, smaller brakes, less horsepower, etc.  And then this feeds on itself: less horsepower means a smaller engine, which means better fuel economy and a less stout frame, and so on.

A camera that is better in low light can use lenses with higher F-stops, which are less expensive.  A camera which is good in low light doesn’t  need huge lights.  Low wattage lights may be powered by batteries.  Lights that are powered by batteries don’t need a generator.  Not having a generator means more agility and more set-ups in a day.  Etc, etc, etc….