Budget Filmmaker: My first experience with JAG35 Wireless Follow Focus

My first experience with JAG35 Wireless Follow Focus (V1) - Budget Filmmaker

My first experience with JAG35 Wireless Follow Focus (V1) – Budget Filmmaker.

The reviewer has never used any other wireless follow focus, so take this with a grain of salt.  In general, for the price, he likes it.  He had the first model, and apparently there is a second version coming out soon that may fix some of the shortcomings.  Something that concerned me about the review is he says there is a short delay between turning the focus wheel and movement of the corresponding motor.  That would be an instant fail for me.

Budget Filmmaker is an interesting site.  People always talk about having very little money for gear, but that is usually just hyperbole.  This site is for those people who have almost no money for gear.  The DSLR revolution has opened the field up to budget folks, and this site is for them.  They have lots of “just get by” tips and great links to Ebay finds and the like.  At the end of the day, it’s the filmmaker and not the gear that determines the final product.  A super and necessary site.

Having said that, as a rental guy, people who tape filters to lenses have a special place in Hades waiting for them.  I’m just saying 🙂


2 thoughts on “Budget Filmmaker: My first experience with JAG35 Wireless Follow Focus

  1. Hello. Thank you for posting the link to my post and for your own writeup. The delay wasn’t that bad at all, only slight, so I was able to work with it quite efficiently. I’ve used a much more expensive Preston FF the other day and of-course it is so much better, but also so much more expensive!

    Regarding the filters, the DOP wanted the light to hit that Classic Soft filter as directly as possible to create as much flare as possible (music videos, you know 🙂 ), so that was the reason for taping them directly. We did have a nice Arri MB, but he didn’t want it 🙂

    Keep up good work.


    • Ha! JJ Abrahms is putting Matte Box vendors out of business! Everybody WANTS flares now 🙂

      I work in a rental house and was only carping about the taped filter because I’m always the guy who has to remove the tape residue when the filter comes back 😦

      Thanks for commenting Alan

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