HD Warrior: Alan Roberts on the Canon EOS C300

HD Warrior » Blog Archiv » Alan Roberts on the Canon EOS C300 (BBC HD Approved).

Alan Roberts is a retired “colour scientist” that used to work for the British Broadcasting Corporation (the BBC has approved the C300 for HD production).  When new cameras come out, he goes through them and then writes up “engineer grade” reports about their capabilities.  He also publishes what he considers to be the best settings to use in the camera’s menu system.  In other words, when he talks, the folks that decide whether your camera is good enough to go on air listen.  He has just recently written up a pre-production Canon C300.  Some of his stuff is pretty technical, but I like that.  He bases his comments on measured data, not just the usual “Hey, it looks good” of the blogosphere.  Check it out.