DVTV: Action Movie Trailer HDSLR Shoot BTS, FaderND Review


DVTV: Action Movie Trailer HDSLR Shoot BTS, FaderND Review – NextWaveDV.

Tony Reale and the cats at NextWaveDV have their latest video up.  They follow one of their friends Isaac Alongi around as he shoots an “Action Movie Trailer” using a 5D.  It’s a bit long, but I don’t mind.  Their videos are less “prepared instruction” and more conversational in that they trail their friend and get tips and ask why he’s doing things the way he is as they happen.  I like his friend’s quote: “If you want your videos to look better, put better looking stuff in front of your camera” 🙂

They also have a short review of some variable ND filters from Light Craft Workshop.  They have the regular lens mount ND, but they also look at a combo set of 4″ x 4″ variable ND’s for use in a matte box.  If you’re only interested in the ND review, it starts at 14:10.