Matthew Duclos’ Circle of Confusion: Zeiss CP.2 vs. ZF.2

Zeiss CP.2 vs. ZF.2 « Matthew Duclos Circle of Confusion.

First off, Matthew Duclos has one of the best names for a blog ever 🙂  He’s a guy who does pro lens repair, and also does lens modifications and manufacturing of his own.

So here’s what I’ve always wondered.  I have a Canon 5D with a stills lens.  The 5D takes 21 Megapixel stills, and it’s lenses are supposedly able to resolve that kind of detail, right? If they can’t, Canon is getting sued for fraud for unneccesarily pushing the Megapixel race 🙂  So, HD is only about 2 Megapixels.  Why can’t I use high quality still lenses to shoot my movie?

Well, of course, you can.  Zeiss in particular makes great stills glass. Zeiss has taken the glass out of their stills lenses, put those elements in new housings tailored for the demands of cinema production, and sells them (at a premium) as their Compact Prime line of cinema lenses.

What Mr. Duclos does is take the original Zeiss still camera prime lenses (which are faster and less expensive), and modify them in such a way as to make them much more capable for the demands of cinema use.  He tells you the pros and cons in the article.