The Black and Blue: Hidden Cost of RED Epic

Hidden Cost of RED Epic and Digital Cinema Cameras – The Black and Blue – Tips for Filmmakers and Camera Assistants – The Black and Blue.

Just came across this great site for camera assistants.   Evan Luzi has a number of great posts that I may link to in the future, but I liked this one about the huge amount of data being generated by digital cinema cameras in general, and the RED Epic specifically.  I don’t know if it’s accurate to call it a “hidden” cost, but certainly producers should be aware of 2 increasingly important factors: 1) the 500GB bus powered hard drive isn’t going to cut it going forward.  You need something much larger, and RAIDed wouldn’t hurt.  2) something that I think is overlooked a lot in these scenarios is just plain old copy time.  If you have 3 cameras, each generating hundreds of GB’s of data, the time necessary to offload, copy and backup that much data, even with eSATA connections is significant.