Vincent Laforet: Data Management

CA Trip Behind The Scenes Part 3 – Data Management and Workflow « Vincent Laforet’s Blog.

Part 3 of a continuing series from Vincent Laforet documenting a recent 10 day shooting trip, this time looking at their data management procedures while on the road.

When the Canon 5Dmkll came out, Vincent made the video that basically left everyone’s jaw on the ground and announced to all interested that DSLR’s had to be taken seriously in the video world. Up until that time, I think it would be fair to say that he had renown mainly as a stills photographer.  Since then, he still shoots a lot of stills, but has really been on the cutting edge of video work as well, recently playing with a RED Epic (he gets the nicest toys, lucky bugger). Always a good read, as he isn’t one of these folks that hoards information.

One thing he mentions that is worth knowing is to always try to get the fastest interface to your storage possible.  Seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many people stick with a USB2 cable when there is a Firewire 800 port available.

I’ve have been investigating getting a SSD drive for my 13″ Macbook Pro.  I have the latest generation, and one thing that is not well known is that the main SATA connector in the latest generation is capable of 6Gb/s speeds.  That means with Other World Computings 6G SSD for example, you’re getting peak write speeds of 527Mb/s.  That’s heavy duty RAID speeds using one on-board 2.5″ hard drive folks!  But the point is, if you put that same 6G SSD into a laptop that only has a 3G bus, it will saturate that bus. That’s still plenty fast, but you’re leaving about %20 on the table. The pipe matters.

Mercury EXTREME Pro 6G SSD 2.5″ Serial-ATA 9.5mm 6Gb/s Solid State Drive.