Go Behind the Scenes of an Air-to-Air Shoot of a Boeing 787 | Fstoppers

Air Canada has to repaint its planes every ten years, so since they’re going to be doing it anyways, it makes sense to do a redesign at the same time.  And, once you do the redesign, you need new marketing materials.  Have a look as they use a Lear Jet outfitted with a RED camera to take some spectacular footage.  As the reviewer says, it almost looks CGI.

Source: Go Behind the Scenes of an Air-to-Air Shoot of a Boeing 787 | Fstoppers

A Full Frame Prime Lens Comparison

At NAB this year, I was one of the few people to give a new Taiwanese lens company any press.  The name of their company is Bokkeh.  I wasn’t sure at that time if they were rehoused lenses or not.   Vincent Huang from Bokkeh assures me these are an all new lens design.

They recently made me aware of a full frame blind lens test they posted to 4K Youtube.  No word if they’ll let us know which is which eventually, but one assumes yes, or what was the point, right?.  If you’re living in a full frame world, it might be fun to have a look and decide which of the seven different lenses you like.

Notes on Apple HEVC and HEIF from WWDC17

At the World Wide developer’s Conference, Apple detailed their plan to move to the h.265 High Efficiency Video Codec going forward with the release of their High Sierra OS for Mac.  Here’s a little background on what you can expect.  What was interesting to me is that it will encode depth details as metadata, and it can do 10bit.

Source: Notes on Apple HEVC and HEIF from WWDC17

Zaxcom recording wireless at work – JWSOUNDGROUP

I love flash mobs, I hope to witness one someday.  The cool thing about this one from a technical standpoint is the audio technology used.  The participants were mic-ed with 30 Zaxcom recorders and transmitter/recorders.  The interesting thing about Zaxcom units is that they can all be linked with an independent 2nd level radio network that communicates with them for control signals and synced timecode.  So while this might normally be a very hard job for the Post editor to line up all the participants before starting the mixing process, here, thanks to the Zaxnet, he simply lines up all 30 by common timecode and off he goes.  Slick.

Source: Zaxcom recording wireless at work – Equipment – JWSOUNDGROUP

Baking With The Gaffer

My travels recently took me to San Francisco.  Who lives in San Francisco?  The World’s most famous internet Gaffer, Mr. Luke Seerveld!  Luke has his own Grip & Lighting truck in the bay area, and offers tips on gaffing on his Youtube channel, “Meet The Gaffer“.

It’s full of excellent videos and is building quite a following.  He told me that he was stopped multiple times at CineGear by people going “Hey!  You’re that lighting guy!  You know….from Youtube!”  Well deserved recognition.  What I like about Luke’s videos are he’s a working Gaffer/Grip, and he takes the time to walk viewers through actual real life scenarios and lighting set-ups on location, explaining why he and the DOP lit things the way they did, what sources they used, etc.  When he’s not doing that, he features skills tips on everything from useful knots to how to properly coil heavy cable.

I called Luke up and asked if he would like to do a bit of cross promotion.  He readily agreed.  Rather than focus on lighting, we decided to head off on a bit of a tangent and talk to Luke as he baked a pie!  It’s a fun way to get to know Luke better as we talk about baking, gripping/gaffing, and life in general.  It’s a longer laid back feature, I really enjoyed shooting it, and I hope you enjoy it too.

On a side note, I just wanted to thank Luke for his time and excellent attitude.  What a great guy.  When I contacted him he was just so laid back, he agreed pretty much instantly to doing something, and he also “got” the idea of doing something a little off the beaten path and was in sync with the concept of the video.  He invited me into his home, introduced me to his family, and fed me lunch and beer.  What a legend!  Please remember to subscribe to both our channels.  As Jimmy Kimmel says, it’s free.

Did Kelly On A Tangent predict the new iMac Pro two days early?

There is some encouragement at WWDC 2017 that Apple is refocusing on their Pro Video users.  On the Mac Operating System side, the new update will be called High Sierra.  Perhaps the biggest change for video users is a new file system.  HFS is 30 years old.  They are replacing it with the much more modern APFS (Apple File System).  This appears to be similar to Sun Microsystems ZFS.  APFS is much better suited to Solid State drives, does native disk encryption and tasks such as Finder level file copying of large files (such as videos) much faster.



They quickly mentioned FCP and Resolve and the reality of our 4K world (no real details) but they did say that High Sierra is going to move to h.265 encoding in software for everyone, and hardware accelerated h.265 encoding/decoding for people that have the most recent generation of hardware.  The next version of iOS is also going to do HEVC encoding of videos shot on those devices.


High Sierra is moving to the Metal 2 API for handling graphics.  They say it is up to 10x faster than Metal (which was 10x faster than non-Metal).  Metal 2 is going to feature better support for external graphics card enclosures over Thunderbolt 3.  There was quite a bit of focus on VR at the show, and this should help.  In fact they announced a developer’s hardware package.

Maybe KOAT got a bit of a scoop on Saturday at CineGear when we talked to Michael Cioni from Light Iron Digital/Panavision.  He voiced his desire for a amped up iMac Pro.  Well guess what?  Two days later and Apple has announced just that.  Did Michael know?  Doubtful as Apple holds its cards pretty close to its chest.  Probably just insight into the iMac’s natural evolution, but it sure seems like quite a coincidence!

PowerfulVega Graphics18 Core

It will be available in December and they are touting it as the most powerful Mac ever (not just iMac).  When you take three years to update your Pro machines, it stands to reason I guess.  They also bumped the MacBook line with Kaby Lake processors, faster hard drives, and faster standard graphics on the 15″ line.  They are available today.


The iMac Pro will support a whack of memory, and for the first time on an iMac, 10 Gig ethernet.  I can’t help but notice that it appears to have a plain old USB-3 connectors in addition to Thunderbolt 3.  It also has a UHS-ll SDXC slot.  Did a newly humble Apple listen to the backlash over the absence of those ports on the latest MacBook Pro?

In general, Today’s announcements seem to denote that Apple has heard the outrage of their Pro users, and is taking steps to catch up to their expectations.